Not easy to change his series of irons. To help you, here are some essential tips. To help you, here are some essential tips. Whatever the dregs, the strike zones have been extended to the whole face to forgive off-center hits. Only downside: it loses sensations. Another player, another approach a 20 year old, who has just lowered his index from 20 to 15 in a few months.  With the New Golf Drivers 2018 you can actually make the miracles.

  1. Know which player you are

How old are you? What is your index? Your frequency of play? Are you pretty dumb contest or Sunday player? To determine your “golf profile”, do not hesitate to take advice from specialists. A sexagenarian, ranked 15 index for two years is unlikely a priori to pass the bar of 10 disability.

Today manufacturers multiply the tricks to make the game easy: the center of gravity of the irons has been lowered to lift the ball easily, the soles are wider to facilitate the passage of the club. Not easy to change his series of irons. These rods with very pure lines so appreciated by the champions.Why? Because they allow working the ball and giving effects (backspin, draw, fade). Conversely, even if they are easier to play than ten years ago, they require rigor and precision. In short, a good level of play.

  1. Try before buying

Invest in new irons. It’s a bit like choosing a new car. We make a selection in the shop and we test it. At Golf stores, you can borrow 4 clubs for 3 days, for 10 €. The ideal is to try them at the driving range, then to select two to take on the course. Do not hesitate to make comparisons with your old series: is it more powerful? More tolerant? Does she have better touch?

  1. Put the clubs to his measurements

Today, nothing is easier than to make some adjustments on your new rods. Always at Golf PlusParis, with the workshop adjoining the shop, you can easily adapt lees, club length and grip to your measurements. And just tap a few shots on their indoor practice to know your club speed which will determine the flexibility of the shaft.

  1. Steel handle or graphite?

The first one offers better control of the ball but it asks for a lot of the back. It is rather reserved for big and big players. Graphite is more flexible, lighter and therefore easier to play. It is recommended for those who have a slow swing, a senior, a woman or a beginner. For a more in-depth analysis of your swing, make an appointment for a fitting at the Bois de Boulogne golf course on the racecourse, the Paris Country Club, Saint-Cloud for the Parisians and your club in the provinces.