Neeko build is a type of game that neeko enterprises manage, and the neeko enterprise is located in Balch spring, United States. Neeko build was released on five December 2018. Neeko can be a fun game to play when you know the tricks and tips, and it can also be very frustrating and annoying for the opponents. It can be the best game for you if you get pleased when someone gets annoyed.

Let’s talk about the character of the game,”neeko”, who joins the battle on the League of Legends roster.And she’s a half chameleon vastaya, but it does not look as ugly asthe chameleon.On the contrary, she looks cute, and onepiece of advice keeping in mind while playing the game is that she works best in the mid-lane.As it has been only two years of release and the game is played by a lot of players and means it is becoming a very popular game day by day.

Skills of Nico

The skills of Nico includes-

  • While out of battle, neeko can change her appearance or outfit as her allies and appear as the same copy of champion she has chosen, including current health, level, based arts, and resource level.
  • Her beauty is also a strong tool with her, as it can be used as a mind trick that can confuse the enemy for a while, and the beauty can be used in many ways which make the skill before others,And there are a lot of possibilities, but they depend on the state of the game.
  • The blooming burst is the main source of damage that neeko two other enemies give. The maximum times the blooming burst can damage the opponent is around three times and can melt quickly, so you have to try to land a blooming burst when you have rooted any opponent with tangled bars
  • A cheap splitter is also one of the skills of neeko as it can be used as both passive and active ability, which can increase the speed of movement and invisibility. It can be a great way to defeat image champions while battling.
  • Neeko spread some magical spring in the direction which you choose, and if any of the enemies will pass through it, that will damage the enemy, and the skill is called tangled bark
  • Neeko can slow all the enemies and can give a large amount of AP damage to them. It is a similar skill to news absolute zero ability and is called pop blossom.


After knowing and understanding the character of neeko now we can go to the game, and after some practice, we can be a master in the game.