If you love playing on a large open-air course, golf is the right sport for you. Golf requires precision and concentration. Many people think that it is easy to learn but not everyone is actually good at it.

If you want to start playing golf, there are many things that you need to secure. After picking a club, you need to consider a golf ball. Picking the right ball can be quite intimidating especially for beginners because there are many styles and models available.

You must understand that there are many styles and models because everyone swings their clubs in different ways. To help you get started, here’s how to pick the best golf ball for beginners:

Consider the construction of the ball
The ball’s construction is vital to the way it will react with a club. The most common ball construction include the following:
• One-piece: the most basic ball construction is one-piece. This is also considered the

least expensive, which is an ideal choice for beginners. Typically, this ball is made of Surlyn piece with dimples molded in. It will not give you the distance when you hit it because it has lower compression.
• Two-piece: the two-piece ball is characterised by a solid core, which is made of high-energy resin or acrylate. This ball is known because it can cover more distance compared with any other ball.
• Three-piece: these balls are softer because they can be made from a layer of enhanced rubber. This ball offers more spin giving you more control over the flight of your ball.
• Four-piece: this ball offers four layers that work together to bring the softest feeling and longest hitting.

  • Five-piece: this is a new concept that features five layers.

best golf ball for beginners

Think about the spin
When picking a ball, you need to think about its spin. It can be low spin, mid spin, and high spin. Low spin balls tend to decrease the sidespin. This will allow the ball to fly straighter. The mid spin, on the other hand, connects the gap between the low spinning and high spinning balls.

The mid spin balls incorporate the best of both worlds – distance and feel. Most players prefer this ball. Finally, high spin balls are designed to increase the spin of balls in the air. High spin balls will increase the feel thereby helping the players improve control.

Determine the compression
Remember that compression is a measure of the deflection of the ball when it is struck. It is measured between 0 and 200. By 200 it means it does not compress and 0 means it deflects 5mm or more. Mostly, golf balls range between 50 and 100.

Keep in mind that lower compression tend to be softer and it creates more distance. Higher compression does not offer more control. However, players who can generate faster swing speeds mainly use high compression.

At the end of the day, as a beginner, you tend to only focus on the cost. The cost will influence your buying decision but you should look into the value, function and your future plans. You have to invest in a good golf ball if you have plans of getting better.