Every coach will tell you that an optimal state of fitness is essential to keep you strong and free of injuries in the field. And yes, a significant number of these occur when the body lacks it, but that does not mean that the other variables that affect prevention should be neglected. If you take them all into account, you will travel without problem from game to game and, why not, you can even be awarded a basketball scholarship in the United States; that country that, as everyone knows, is the world epicenter of this sport. Click here for Climbing webbing hong kong.

Timely rest

Many times, because of the pressure to reach the ideal physical state, to practice the aim in the shots or to prepare the preseason of the games you end up demanding your body more than it can give. It is right in these moments of high tension where injuries are most likely. Knowing when you have reached the top is essential to rest the time needed for a new training. But timely rest does not stop there: the eight hours of sleep should always be guaranteed so that your muscles can, like you, rest after a hard day. Visit this site for basketball shoes hong kong.

On the other hand, as we were referring to with the psychological level, you should also give your mind a break from time to time. Not everything in your head should revolve around a play, a bad run, a goal to be achieved or, most commonly, the fear of injuring you; You should disconnect from this frequently so that you think with a cool head when you receive the ball at an important time.

avoid injuries playing basketball

Get a good shoe

The value of good shoes is something that every good coach should take into account. At this point there are several recommendations to consider: first of all, the footwear you wear on the court must adapt perfectly both to your personal anatomy, and to the position you occupy in the game. Secondly, when you train you should wear the right shoes to the type of surface where you are and, of course, the type of exercise or practice you develop. This will ensure greater friction and adjustment that will prevent false movements that cause injury.

Another thing you should consider is not changing shoes very abruptly. If the model you will use in the next game differs greatly in height, shape or weight from the previous one, the ideal is that you use it beforehand so that you get used properly.

Never forget the warm up

More than an obligation, the warm-up prior to any physical activity must be imposed as a personal habit.  There are many theories of how to adapt these to the practice of basketball, but the best are the mixed ones that favor both you to enter the psychological level in the game, and to stretch and warm all the muscles that will be activated in each movement.