A megamods is a well-known brand of gamers, for the joysticks and other quality pads it offers, at a elatively reasonable price. Among these, we propose the PS4 controller, the new wireless controller licensed Playstation4.

Here we go on a modded PlayStation 4 controller whose design looks like the one of another console: the Xbox One. If the fans of megamods will, more than certainly, scream scandal, gamers belonging to the other “clan”, may have a good reason to change sides (in addition to PS4 exclusives, of course, but it is another debate) or at least to attract them a little on the “dark” side.

Well, you clearly feel that we belong to one of these two “clans” but we must admit that the PS4 controller has style. As for its ergonomics, we ask to test it, just to make our own idea.

The Right Choices

As on the PS4 controllers, there are analog sticks placed asymmetrically, i.e. a right stick, at the bottom of the joystick and a left stick instead of the directional cross, placed for its part in front of the right stick. The PlayStation and Home buttons are in their proper place, while the Options and Share buttons have moved to the middle of the controller just below the touchpad.

We find it quite nice, with its roundness, and it seems quite comfortable enough. But it’s really the positioning of the buttons that we like and we should be able to easily reach the Share and Options buttons, without having the impression of releasing our fingers (or anyway, faster than our dear Megamods).

PS4 Controller Now

1. In short, the positioning of the various elements has been designed to make it easier for you when you play, and that, in our opinion, it contributes to the comfort of play.

Not to mention that the responsiveness of the buttons seems to compete with that of megamods’s controller, but with a resistance that seems to be slightly higher. The sticks, made of hard plastic very slightly rubbery, seem flexible and precise, with an effective grip despite the absence of rough surface.

1. As for the directional cross, it is, it seems (according to the return of many players) more comfortable, while the triggers L1 and R1 are found to be silent, which changes the click annoying the PS4 controller when we live an intense game session.

2. Another advantage: its autonomy. We are here on nearly 20 hours of play, which, at present, far exceeds the autonomy of the controller. We could buy this PS4 controller just for that reason.

3. But, (and there is one), she is not perfect this PS4 controller. It suffers in effects of some “defects”.

If the triggers L1 and R1 are at the height, one cannot say as much of their sister L2 and R2, which are not so resistant. It is also a shame that vibrations, essential in many games, are also discrete.


If the brand prides itself on offering this model in Bluetooth, it seems nevertheless that it does not serve much, especially when the first connection of the controller to your console, where you will absolutely need another controller to be able to ‘associate.But it is certainly a joystick intended to please players accustomed (and addicted) to the asymmetrical sticks of some other controller.