Golf is a game of club and balls where players hit the balls in holes in least possible stokes. A grip with shaft and head composes a club and golf driver which is used to hit the ball. Golf is played on green course area having minimum 18 holes. Golf drivers are designed in various ways to chase the distance of the hole. You need to get the top rated golf drivers in order to enhance your gameplay.

Drivers for ultimate forgiveness and straight distance

These drivers are very useful in giving inclination to the ball in upward direction. Modern golf driver heads include various lofts having angles at 9.5, 10.5, 8.5 and 12 degrees. These are made with geocoustic technology which is a combination of acoustical and geometrical engineering. This technology reduces CG and gives higher frequencies for better feel and sound.

The shaft of these drivers is available in regular, stiff and senior flexes. They are designed in twist faces to allow golfers to achieve straight and further shot. Twist face property reduces the side spins of the balls.

Best looking golf drivers

These are oversized and generally are of grey and black in color. They are lower in cost than other drivers but highly efficient when it comes to use. They are made up of titanium which makes it more precise. Titanium makes it lighter and so the deflection increases. They need fewer efforts in dragging. Polymer based drivers are being designed nowadays which are 90% lighter than titanium.

Drivers for covering explosive distances

They are latest technology drivers and are streamlined in shape to increase the speed of ball and club head. They come in four types of shafts with each shaft having its own features. They have highest speed feature and decreases the dragging effort during swing and increases the impact of hitting.

Top rated golf drivers

Drivers for improving golfer’s performance

They use dragonfly technology which gives thin head and decreases CG and increases MOI. It is made up of tungsten. It has larger heads than other drivers. It uses vortex technology and tabulators to lower down the rate of dragging up to 15%. It increases the stability, speed and distance off the tee. They are very helpful when it comes to optimizing the angles of the ball and head. It has minimum 7 types of shafts.

Most revolutionary golf drivers

These drivers are based on power hole technology. This technology involves urethane carrying holes which are placed strategically. It lowers the deflection by 14%. One of the most important key features is that they increase the efficiency and consistency of the driver. By looking at once, they seem really innovative. Their loft range starts from 8.5 to 11 and are made up of iron which provides great shots.