Now keep this in mind, a console that was taken out of its box even just to try it once is already considered as something used, but to this type of consoles you can only request several times a rebate of around $ 500, also not let yourself be deceived sometimes there are consoles that have been with their owners for 1 year or more and that are almost new outwardly, but if you want to sell one of these at the price of almost a new better forget it and someone else will buy it. You do not want to play your favorite Mario characters in a slow console, are you?

What is to look for?

It sounds extreme, but the answer to this is that many of those who have their PS3 took it as a player and this one is already used for several days or years, so you do not know for sure how long you watched movies, if your discs were scratched, among other things. Another point to take into account is that a console that looks good on the outside can be wrong inside or vice versa so in these days we have to be very careful with that, so that we do not get to cheat, because lately there have been several.

First recommendations

One of the things that is recommended to you to do first is to consult your friends to see if they are selling the console that you are interested in, here you will have more security when buying a used console, because you know the person, you know very well If you take care of your things, how much use you have and if you have repaired it from a fault.

buying a used console


As the saying “From sight is born love”, a console that looks well cared will always be more attractive than one that has 100 stickers stuck, this unconsciously makes us think that the person did not care much about the care of your console.

Another important point to take into account is that if the person has his console and box is a sign that he takes care of his things, it does not matter that the box is already a little mistreated. So if you get to see any console so keep it in mind for your purchase. It let you think that, if a person can take well care of the box, how much care he took to his gaming console.

Buy a used console

But there are also some people who already know this and want to make their move, they have a console that looks good, they repair it, they get a separate box and they place their console there, but this can be avoided regularly by looking at the codes both the console and the box, so you know if your box is actually the original.After all, buying a good console matters the most to you.