GTA V is one of the most iconic and action-adventure game, which takes player to the world of civilized crime. There are plenty of missions that you have to go on and enjoy your time. The storyline of this game is quite interested and engages players for a very long time. It serves as perfect cover-up dealing for all your illegal activity done in the game. GTA V can allow you see the whole world of Blaint and Los Santos County. If you want to survive in this criminal world you need to use your skills & instincts and play the right game. Now, players have a chance to download gta 5 android on their phone and continue with the fun and play.

Steps To Download Grand Theft Auto for Android Users

There is nothing to worry, as there is the legal way of playing GTA 5 on your android phone. If you want to download the GTA 5 on phone, you will have to get the Steam Link first. The players can play popular games like GTA through Steam Link only that is a digital distribution service. It is important to note down that you will need computer for linking before playing it on your mobile phone here given are some steps that you need to follow when playing GTA 5.

    1. First you have to download the Steam Link; Open your app and go on Settings and tap ‘computer’ option.
    2. Scan devices in your Bluetooth and link with your computer.
    3. When Steam Link gets connected with your computer, go on Settings and Remote Play and Pair Steam Link.
  1. You will get 4 digit security codes that appear on the smartphone screen. When it is rightly done, GTA 5 will be up & running on your mobile.

Final Words

When you complete your campaign, there isn’t much left for you to do. But, you can keep on doing side missions and head over to the GTA Online. When you check GTA Online, then it provides the user with plenty of things to play over and interact with real-world people too. You may perform heists with people and many other things that you can do. Although the graphics of the game look very stunning and offers attention to detail, even though the game is 7 years old, but it still offers same excitement like before.