The GTA 5 mobile download can be considered one of the best games in 2013. It’s an epic adventure that gives you a deep multiplayer game with exciting surprises in every corner. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto which is a popular series with interesting installments that make players real criminals for a while. Everybody who plays the GTA 5 mobile would want to win it. The following are some tips and tricks that will give you more information about the game for you not to go through defeat:

Help your fellowmen.

You can’t ignore the side missions even if it sounds as if it doesn’t have much in return. If you bump into a bike thief, you can take them out and make sure that the bike is returned to its real owner. At times, it’s a thank you that you get but you may end up $100,000 richer if it’s a CEO you helped.

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Max out all your weapons and ammunition.

If you want to make the most of the weapons you have, you may level them up as quickly as you can. Doing so will improve the weapons’ accuracy, firing capabilities, and bullet capability. All these can make a huge difference in gun battles. When you have some extra cash, go swing by Ammu-Nation and level up your weapons to be ready for the next skirmish.

Take down your opponents by headshots.

The best way to kill an adversary is to give him a headshot. Heavily armored opponents such as mercenaries and high-level police officers can take more damages than the average gunman. Try to line up your shot and do it. This will make sure of your opponent’s quick death.

Be cautious when you attack security trucks.

It can be tempting to cut a security truck and run away with money compared to the more obvious and elaborate heists. You have to be ready to get into trouble when you choose this path. After you set up the sticky bomb, make sure that your gun is on standby and be ready to fight with the drivers and the police. After you do all these, grab everything you can and hit the road. Don’t stay long on the crime scene.

Nail your car landing.

For mid-air jumps, the best trick is to control it in mid-air. When you do a big jump, you can use the left analog stick to twist your car so that it may land as safely as possible. It can be tempting to do a stunt in mid-air, but it can turn your car into a wreck. Nail the landing and you’ll thank yourself in the end.

Let the dog Chop find the hidden collectibles.

There are many collectibles throughout the GTA 5 android gameplay but they can’t be seen in plain sight. These collectibles include UFO space pieces and other cool treats. Here is where the dog Chop can help. He can easily sniff out all the collectibles which can make it easy for you to pick up things you might need. You can simply download the iFruit app and choose “Make Chop Hunt for Pick-ups.”

Save yourself from airport trouble and buy a hangar.

It can mean trouble when you enter an airport or a military installation especially when you have your firearm drawn or when you try to steal a jumbo jet while being followed by security. The solution to this is to buy your own hangar. It will enable you to enter most air facilities even if some are locked. It can be expensive, but it can save you many troubles later.

It’s one thing to enjoy mobile GTA 5, but nothing compares to successfully finishing GTA V mobile unscathed. It takes time to learn the tricks, but you’ll find them really helpful.