It is more than just truck driving, this is what the majority of the fans and those who have experienced playing the Euro Truck Simulator 2 which is why it is completely popular because of its technical side of driving where you are not just driving a truck virtually in a video game, you should possess what best truck drivers have in terms of skills in order to pull through in its missions.

A lot of beginners in playing the Euro Truck Simulator 2 have difficulties mastering the different strategies, maneuvering as well as other important aspects in the game that they need help with. Well, in this article, let us talk about some of the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 tips specifically for beginners before you even decide to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download it after.

  • Choose your garage’s location wisely- When you first make your profile as a new gamer for the Euro Truck Simulator 2, you are required to choose a location for your first garage which is totally a tough choice if you come to think of it as you have the entire map to choose from, and it is pretty easy to make a crucial mistake in this situation. When you create your first profile for the game, you should ensure that there is enough number of surrounding towns and available routes and make sure that there are plenty of available quick jobs that you can choose from in order to level up easily and the accessibility of your garage will also affect you later in your progress.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download

  • Save more money than spending- Do not get swayed by the good offers of bank loans to you which are always available during the early stages on the game because you have to save money at least for a while so that you can buy a more good-quality truck rather than borrowing from bank loans and saving up money can level you up correctly and you can choose the appropriate jobs for yourself as the driver. You should at least save 180,000 credits for you to upgrade your garage and your truck without any interests to pay.
  • Buy a new garage, you don’t need to upgrade your own garage- Why? If you choose to upgrade your old garage which is your starting garage, it is literally small which gives you only three driver slots, however, if you buy a brand-new garage which has the same size, you can get additional three new driver slots plus the ones that you already have giving you more amount of upgradable skills and items from the money you spent.
  • Don’t be afraid to sell your truck- After you slogged your way through different quick jobs by driving other people’s trucks, it is very fulfilling that finally, you get to drive your own truck, but it can be very beneficial to give your truck away or sell it and go back to your regular routine of contracting quick jobs because you have to hire as many AI drivers as you can to expand your trucking empire in the game, however, the problem is that getting additional garage slots is quite expensive especially if you already have had to take out a bank loan for the planned expansion if you look at this now.