The victorious maokai skin from the league of legends is truly proving to be a leading one in terms of being the legacy skin which had its release in November 2016. This is the skin which was available as a gift to all players who marked their skills with the end of season rank.  This skin has a great fame since was marked as the champion which was provided to the eligible player’s accounts. However, with time, the demand has grown and so now completely available with the game shop – Gamestore. So, let us have a look at the incredible features.

The top features of the skin

The skin has incredible features of the Maokai as a Victorious champion.

  • It is totally adorned in the golden gem infused type of armour.
  • Maokai can also have its shares with the Victorious skin theme that is presented by the Elise, Janna, important character like Jarvan IV, Morgana as well as Sivir.
  • skin also can now completely come with the new texture of Maokai which also has a great l visual makeover.
  • There is also the availability of the Victorious blue robe.
  • The design aspect is trending with the gold embroidered leaves which can completely adorn his costume.
  • There is also a nice feature with the massive tree arm which can also come with the golden bracelet. A purchase from game shop – Gamestore can be great.

Victorious Maokai skin

How has been the elegance been improved?

There is an added elegance with the skin in the manner that His particles are totally changed so which can actually match with the Victorious them. The skins are totally designed in a similar manner which can bring out an elegance with the blue robe and golden highlights. There is also a touch of the recall animation. This is a symbolisation of the Maokai summoning the sapling. However, the skin still does not come with any kind of new sound effects. So there is never a need to worry about missing the Victorious Maokai skin. There are plenty of the already redeemed ones which can even readily be purchased from the store. Purchase can be also a great one with the flexible services which can totally prove to be safe and completely protected. This can be a great way to escape from any kind of internet malware. There is also a method to go with the reliable payment methods which can also happen timely and safely.

They are also totally of a high quality which can actually favour the quality service over the years. With such quality skin, one can get the real gift of playing with the character and thus proving to be the best. The products are totally checked prior to being on sale which increases their value.