Computer games are widely popular and the reason for this great popularity is the fact that the gaming world is not limited. There are various games that satisfy the taste of various gamers. The games that are available have risen so much that it became important to classify it into the genre. There are various genres that various Games for free have been classified into. These genres have been taking the gaming world by a storm. Different gamer has different interest in different genre of games. Here is the most popular type of genre in the present world.


This Games for free is mainly based on adventure having a storyline. This is more of like a movie where there are fictional characters that have to complete a mission. You are going to have the lead role in the game and have to face challenges to complete a mission. You have to go for exploration, learn where you have to go through a map, solve puzzles, combat with enemies or creatures etc. It really gives an awesome experience to the players. After playing the games it seems we still are a character of the fictional game in our real life. This is how great impression the adventure games have on us.

Strategy games

This is the game that requires a player to build in strategy to overcome the problem in the game. You are provided with all the necessary resources. All you have to do is use the resources to find a way out. This game has more than one way out and it completely depends on you and the tactic that you want to use to surpass the problem. Some game also requires you to use the least number of resources to get the maximum success. The most popular types of strategy games are:

  • Real-Time Strategy: This is a popular type of game where a gamer has to maintain a base. This base has to be protected by using the resources that you have. You also have to attack other bases to collects some coins to buy resources so that you can enhance your protection when someone attacks you. This is a real-time game because the game does not end where you leave it. This carries on in the background when you are not playing.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG): MMOG is growing popularity in the present time. This game is played by a number of real players who play the role of the individual player in the game and teams up to destroy other bases.


 There is a lot more genres that you can try out. They are interesting and some would also steal your heart with its design.