Golf has evolved into one of the most popular sports in the 21st century. If the number of golf courses is any measure of the game’s popularity, consider referring to a National Golf Foundation report which states that there are 15, 372 golf courses in the US alone.  This gives people, including the elderly members of the community, plenty of opportunities to participate in the game. Contrary to popular beliefs, golf is actually good for both the mental and the physical wellbeing of seniors. The game provides a stimulating mental challenge along with a healthy walk in a pleasant environment. Numerous golf clubs in popular destinations such as Dallas are making the golfing experience more comfortable and pleasant for seniors. Here is how they are doing it:

Being Part of a Community

One of the main reasons why elders wish to take up activities like golf and other sports is because they want to be a part of something; they wish to feel included. And the game of golf provides several prospects for the same. Golf clubs often club seniors into the same group; this gives them a chance to be with like-minded people.


Customized Training Regimen

Many golf clubs offer the services of a professional trainer to seniors who wish to learn golf seriously. These trainers possess the right skills and experience to understand the requirements of the elderly; they can guide them every step of the way, and also ensure that the golfers do not overexert themselves. The game of golf is good for the heart, and a personalized trainer can develop a training regimen that will allow the elderly golfer to unlock his/her full potential while not straining any part of the body. The trainers understand the medical limitations of all the golfers under his/her care, and prevent them from indulging in activities that might harm their health in the long run.

A Healthy Diet

The dietary requirements of elderly people often differ from other age groups. While some might require more fiber in their diet, others might need high quantities of protein and/or carbs. Golf clubs have the resources necessary to prepare a special diet for seniors. All they need to do is notify the management about any special diet restrictions that they have, and the club will take care of the rest.

Use of the Golf Cart

Walking on the golf course can be a brisk exercise and though it is good for most people, some elderly people might become exhausted. For them, there is the provision of motorized golf carts. So whenever they need to travel across the course, they can just hop into the buggy and tell the driver where it is they wish to go. This helps conserve both time and energy. If they feel like stretching their legs occasionally, they can just get down from the buggy and begin walking. The golf cart driver can follow them at a safe distance and carry the heavy golf equipment on their behalf.

Golf is no longer an inaccessible sport for the elderly members of the community. In fact, clubs are offering enhanced facilities in an attempt to attract more senior members to the course. Although popular destinations such as the Dallas golf courses offer awesome amenities to the members, you cannot expect these from every golf club. It might be a wise idea to get in touch with a few golf clubs and find out about their facilities in detail. It might take a while but a little research maybe the difference between a comfortable and a not-that-great golf vacation. Golf indeed is a great way for seniors to reconnect with nature, follow their passion, stay fit, and feel young at heart. After all, as they say, age is just a number.