Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is now leveling up the gaming system. It is now playable through XP and become part of the role-playing games. The theme also is becoming more engaging with new graphics and updates. Each character in the game also has a new and unique ability point as the game ages. If you know how to handle the battlefield in the game, you can put down many enemy soldiers as possible. But, there are conquest Battles and a new feature that you might get confused and hard to win. Walk through this guide here to become one of the winning characters in the battle of Odyssey.

Conquest Battles Guide

The game of Assassins Creed Odyssey scaricare now comes a region of huge Greek map. The purple on the map screens the nation’s power point meter of the game. This indicates how the leader is safe and guarded on the said nation. If the purple bar is full, it means that the leader has better protection by their troops. But, you need to overthrow the leader of the region so that you can go into the conquest battle. Thus, make a plan to reduce the power of the leader, and the best way is to put the troops down. You can do this by finding the red forts and battle them down on the dotted region. Kill all the elite troops and put down all the burning piles of resources using your torch in the fort.

To find piles of resources, use your trusty eagle to hover around the place. It helps you to scan the ground below to show the piles of resources that are in the color purple. When you find them, attack them using your torch, so they will end up in flames. This damage will make a huge impact on the leader’s hold over the region. Then, you can unlock the conquest battle and kick it off.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Scaricare

How To Combat Battles?

When you are in a game, always have the aim of getting the sets of legendary armors. For most times, these sets will upgrade immediately to the level of the last piece you collected. This will let you save more precious materials for another weapon. Gears in this game, are more likely for cosmetics. But, it has greater damage as the system add buffs and bonuses to most gears. And the common items would only hold a few engravings unlike with the legendary loot with many more and visit our website to understand every battle feature. In short, the legendary items are definitely the best stuff to gear up after a few levels.

Best Odyssey Abilities

Though the game of Odyssey has new updates, you can still grasp the conquest battle quicker. Remember the two vital things, use your combat abilities when they are fully charged. And make the captain of the opposing force your target. These tricks are the best ways to unlock early with less to no trouble defeating the opposing troops.