Soccer is an immensely popular sport around the world since it is engaging, exciting and exhilarating. Many young talents come to join new groups but not everyone shines like a star. Any potential soccer plays must possess the following skills.


  1. Passing: Soccer is a team game that requires tremendous speed. An inspiring soccer player possesses the excellent ball control skill. There are many ways to pass the ball to your teammates. Be the short pass or a long range pass, the player has to make sure that the ball will directly go to his teammates. Promising players are experts in heading, bending and chipping to drive the ball to the right player.
  1. Receiving: When you pass the ball there is someone to receive it and similarly, you also have to be conscious when your teammates pass it to you. If you don’t know how to receive the ball tactfully your team will lose control of the ball.
  1. Rules: Like any other games, soccer has many rules which a player needs to follow strictly. Many soccer players often cause trouble and get a red or yellow card in return. Some players don’t know the offside rule properly. These are a few things that only a coach can train and guide you.
  1. Communicating skill: As it is a team sport, all the players from the same team have to play the game unanimously. Good communication with your team members will help you understand the game plan. Players often go attacking and sometimes play defensive. It’s not at all difficult to feel the pulse of the game if you can catch your teammates’ signal.
  1. Dribbling: All leading soccer stars possess excellent dribbling skill. It’s like how tactfully you carry the ball when your opponent is chasing you. It requires footwork, technique, and practice to move the ball without losing possession. William Schoellkopf III , the crazy soccer fan believes that a striker’s success primarily depends on his dribbling skill.
  1. Tackling: The most critical skill that a player needs to develop is tackling. It demands utmost concentration, fast moves, and receiving quality. If you don’t know how to tackle the ball your opponent will effortlessly get the control of the game.
  1. Shooting: Not every player is an expert to score a goal. The players who play at the forward position are most likely to shoot the ball beating the goalkeeper. It’s pretty hard to cross the defenders and kick the ball aiming at the net but sometimes it smoothly goes without any extra effort. A penalty shootout is something very challenging even for the top players. Every player has his own skill to turn the goalkeeper to the opposite side and score safely. If you want to earn a name as a penalty shootout specialist you will have to keep practicing till you become confident.

Soccer also demands energy and power to stay strong on the ground. The 90-minute game sometimes creates nail-biting situation but the players are not allowed to get puzzled. William Schoellkopf III, the 35 year old charming soul from Florida refers soccer as the most exciting sports where a single wrong move by your opponent can turn the game in your favor and your one mistake can lead to your defeat.

William Schoellkopf III is a 35-year-old athlete from Florida. He loves to watch soccer as he is crazy about this particular sport. In this article, he unveils the requisite skills to be a potential soccer player.