It is quite common for Australian adults to experience lower back pain. In fact, the prevalence of this condition is well documented. In one study, it was revealed that in 2001 alone, the direct cost of lower back pain was AUD 1.02 billion, and indirect cost of AUD 8.15 billion, which totaled to AUD 9.17 billion. About 70% of the direct cost went for treatment of patients by chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and general practitioners. Based on these data, it is safe to say that lower back pain affects countless Australian adults.

Reasons Why Average Australians are Prone to Lower Back Pain

There is a garden variety of reasons why Australians are prone to lower back pain, and these are commonly related to lifestyle and day-to-day activities. If you are experiencing back pains on your lower back, there is a chance that you are guilty of doing these things:

  1. Lack of physical activity – If you are working at an office setting for the whole week, and you decide to do strenuous activity on the weekend, you can feel a spike of pain at the lower portion of your back. Your lack of physical activity for days may not prepare your body to more physically demanding activities, such as sports, fitness workouts, or even doing house chores.
  1. Improper lifting techniques – When you lift heavy objects the wrong way, you could hurt your lower back. If you are going to lift heavy things either for exercise or chore, make sure that you bend your knees, keep your back straight, be close to the object, and avoid lifting the object above our armpit. It is also important not to lift objects that weigh more than 20% of your body.
  1. Failure to focus on what you’re doing – Have you ever experienced lifting something on the floor and you end up hurting your lower back? This could be because your mind was not focusing on that simple task. If you don’t focus on what you’re doing, your body tends to limit its full function. People who are mentally fatigued or are absentminded are prone to lower back pains because of this reason.
  1. Not using ergonomically designed items – Sitting in front of your computer for long hours can hurt your lower back. This is why many office employees develop this type of pain; especially those who do not use ergonomically designed chairs and tables. This goes the same with people who drive for number of hours; it is suggested they invest on car seats with good ergonomics. Several studies contend that sitting puts more pressure on your back than standing up or lying down.

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Simple Solutions to Lower Back Pain

The simplest solution to your lower back pain is to avoid doing the above-mentioned. Be more active, do proper lifting techniques, focus on what you’re doing, and use ergonomically designed furniture. However, if the pain you are experiencing requires you to undergo therapy, then it is suggested that you consider sports physio Parramatta. This type of alternative medicine is effective in physical manipulation of muscle tissues and bones, which can greatly help you if you are suffering from constant lower back pain.

If you are experiencing extreme lower back pain, you would also want to consult with a certified sports physio Parramatta professional. With the use of physiotherapy, your condition will be properly diagnosed and examined by professionals. Other alternative medicines you may want to consider include acupuncture and massage therapy. However, it is strongly recommended to consult with your physician first before undergoing any of these alternative medicines to know which types are not suitable for your condition.