You are playing counterstrike global offensive game for long and now you want to make it more interesting. You can easily do it by using launch options; there are options that work in the improvement of the gameplay. You can use these simple commands to get the settings of Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts in accordance to your requirements.

Launch option of CSGO

Before you start playing, it is advised to get familiar with the settings of the game. This provides you flexibility to make certain changes in the settings. If you are facing problem in the compatibility of video, then it will help you considerably. There are several other issues, which you can deal with these settings.


  • You have to right click on the name or title of the game and select properties.
  • Find general tab and click on launch options.
  • You will easily get your desired options; this will enhance your game experience. It is imperative to separate every code with space. Do not forget to click on okay button when you are done, it will save your settings.
  • Go to properties and launch your game. Get ready to face the music.

Launch options

When you will click on console, it will open this option. There is a toggle key in the game options. Many gamers are using this option.


If you want your monitor to run at a certain rate, then this option will help you. You can use this option provided your monitor has 60-refresh rate. Suppose your monitor does not have higher refresh rate and you put it to 120, then it will harm your computer.

High priority

This option is for those who want to play in a high priority mode. People who do not have good configuration, they have not upgraded their computer, then they can use this option. Although, there is no guarantee that this option will work in accordance to the capability of your machine. You cannot say it in advance that it is fit for your kind of computer. In order to check it, you have to choose Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts settings and then save it. You need to test launch it to ensure that everything is working properly. In case there is no improvement in your computer’s performance, then you need to go back to the previous option.


If you have an advanced CPU, then you can go for this option. Check it whether it is improving your computer’s performance or not.