National Football league (NFL) is one of most popular football league of America which consists of thirty two team members that are divided in equal manner between National Football Conference and American Football Conference. This league is counted among one of the major professional sports leagues of North American country.

League has seasonal time of seventeen weeks starting from Labor Day and lasts for Christmas. Each team gets chance to play sixteen games. National Football league was formed in year 1920 with its original name American Professional Football Association. In later years, this league merged with American Football leagues in year 1966. Now it is being counted among most popular professional sports, not only in America but in World. NFL is a non-profit association at corporate level having single executive officer as a commissioner having proper authority over league stating necessary guidelines to be followed.How National Foot Ball Leagues 2015 Differed from Earlier Leagues

NFL’s Corporate Structure and its Members

National Football league was initially incorporated as nonprofit organization. Thus it does not bears any tax implied on its services because of its non profit working. Still taxes are applied for each individual team making profit. This league is being financed by thirty members. There are three main kind of officers namely commissioner, secretary and treasurer. Each conference contains at least one officer namely president. Selection of commissioner is decided by election with majority of votes received from two thirds or eighteen of members, whichever is greater. President selection involves votes of at least three fourths or ten members whichever is greater. To solve disputes among clubs, players, employees and coaches, secretary and treasurer are appointed by commissioners. The executive officer too has complete authority for appointing league employees, creating disciplinary rules for all members of league, having negotiation with television contracts. He also has authority to suspend any individual in case o any violation of rule made by him.

Seasonable Game Format for NFL

NFL has proper seasonal format of sufficiently long period that consist of four weeks for its preseason, seventeen weeks for regular seasons and post season involving twelve team single elimination tournament. Each of these phase are been described below-

NFL Pre Season

Pre seasons starts with pro football hall having game fame that is played at Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Each NFL team organizes its four preseason games. Such preseason matches are not counted for regular season. Preseason games are not played for winning and are just organized so that coaches can better evaluate their teams and players for showing their performances. It is one of the essential parts of NFL.

NFL Regular Season

National Football League has its regular season working for seventeen weeks. Match ups for regular seasons are decided on basis of particular formulae. Usually all four teams has freedom to play fourteen games out of sixteen games. Mostly NFL games are organized on Sundays with Monday night game occurs once in

NFL Post Season

After regular season, single elimination tournament having twelve teams named NFL Playoffs is held. Six teams can be selected from each of conference that includes winner of all four divisions and two having their wild card entry. Overall record of all teams form basis for their selection. To two teams have bye weeks while other four teams have from each conference have go through Wild Card round. Wild card winners goes for divisional round for further matches with lower seeded team against first and higher team against second seed.

National Football League 2015

In year 2015, National football league started on 31 January 2015. In this league approx thirty one Gaelic football teams participated from Ireland. NFL 2015 had format of four divisions each containing eight teams. Each of the team includes other team in its division. Winning awards two points while drawing awards one points. In case when three or more teams are level on points, points differences forms criteria for rankings. Finals, promotions and relegation include top four teams at division first contest or semi finals 2015 NFL and for final. Two top most teams at divisions 2,3 and 4 receives promotions  and go for further contest at final divisions while to teams of bottom at division 1, 2 and 3  goes for relegations.  NFL Picks 2015 had severable memorable points while the league process was going on for peoples to remember.