Buildings are set up in the strategic position to counter attack from enemies. Every building is different in terms of hit point, damage level and the type of spawns it produces. The following are the 5 most popular building cards in Clash Royale.

  1. Barbarian Hut

Barbarian hut is a wooden building with blue roof that spawns 2 Barbarians every 14 seconds. The barbarians it spawn can bring moderate damage. You can use this card along with other building cards like Tombstones, Furnaces, and Goblin Huts to take down a Crown Tower. Deploying multiple huts of this type allows you to effectively fight the opponents. Every hut can last for roughly 1 minute and can be useful for delaying the opponent attack. You must be careful not to overuse the barbarian hut card as it is expensive and costs 7 elixir to deploy it.

  1. Goblin Hut

Goblin Hut can produce 1 Spear Goblin every 5 seconds. Every goblin hut can spawn 13 spear goblins and you can reap 3.7 elixir from it. Each goblin should be able to release 1 hit on the opponent crown tower due to their speed. After that, they will possibly be killed with one shot by the opponent from the crown tower. The best place to position the goblin hut is at the back or in front of the player’s territory. You can position a Giant near the Goblin Hut to protect the Spear Goblins and increase the damage output. It costs 5 elixir to deploy a Goblin Hut.

  1. Bomb Tower

The bomb tower is a tower that will keep throwing bombs to the opponent troop on the land. Since it cannot deal with air units, it will easily be defeated by most air troops. It is weak when dealing with hits from rockets and poison. The bomb it throws can yield moderate damage to the troops in the defensive radius. Bomb tower is effective for use against swarms with low health like Skeleton Army. It takes 1.6 second for it to throw a new bomb. The best place to position the bomb tower is in the radius of the player’s tower. It can be deployed with 5 elixir.

  1. Cannon

Cannon can fire cannon balls causing moderate damage to the land troops. You can set up a cannon in the radius of the player’s crown tower to protect it against flying troop. You can use cannon to effectively eliminate Barbarians, Skeleton Army Hog Rider. It also works best for eliminating small troops such as goblins and spear goblin. When you use it with an x-bow or inferno tower, you can easily defeat troops with high hit point. It is also suitable for use to distract the troop away.  It will use up 3 Elixir every time you fire a cannon ball.

  1. Furnace

Furnace can produce two Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. It can spawn up to 12 fire spirits in its lifetime. Fire Spirits can launch land as well as air attacks. It will cost you 4 Elixir to deploy the furnace card. It can be used effectively to take down small troops like spear goblins, goblins, and minions. You can put furnace behind a tank to destroy cheap cards from the opponent. It can destroy the tower up to 850 damage if left unchecked.