If you’re looking to get started on FIFA Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 20 , here is our beginner’s guide to FUT. It must be said that FUT quickly became the most important mode of the game of football, pushing fans to play hundreds of hours just to improve their training via credits and cheap FIFA coins. We explain everything to you in order to progress quickly in this game mode.

Which edition of FIFA 20 should I buy?

First of all, it is important to note that the choice of edition of FIFA 20 will have an impact on your evolution in FUT mode. Indeed, if you can play correctly with the standard edition, it is recommended to buy the Ultimate Edition (with Zidane on the cover) because of the bonuses conferred. It should be said that if the Standard version offers 3 Gold packs for purchase, the Ultimate Edition includes a total of 24 Rare Gold packs (2 per week for 12 weeks), enough to get ahead in the composition of its team.

So, although it is entirely possible to obtain good maps by following the rest of our advice, a person wishing to invest fully in FUT mode should choose the Ultimate Edition in order to ensure a total of constant cards.

How to get credits for FUT?

Credits are essential for the FUT mode of FIFA 20 since they allow you to buy all the cards: players, coaches, contracts as well as the various boosts for your training.

However, it is possible to obtain credits without spending money on FIFA 20:

By completing weekly and monthly challenges

By realizing the different inexpensive Team Building Challenges (DCE) bringing back Card Packs

Via the auction house: by reselling your unused cards

You can also consult our guide on how to earn credits (FUT corner) in the FUT mode of FIFA 20.

Getting started on FUT with a first team

After seeing the edition and credits aspect, our beginner’s guide to the FUT mode of FIFA 20 tackles the first big piece: create your first eleven!

First start by opening your different packs (depending on your edition) and practice the gameplay of the game by performing a few challenges in order to unlock more packs and credits. Thus, you will get your first player cards in order to constitute a first formation.

Then identify the following:

Who are the good players you have (80+ overall rating)?

Do you have multiple cards from the same league?

How many players from the same nation do you have?

Depending on the answers you have, you will need to build your first team around the possible synergies between your best cards.

Note that your first training will mainly consist of silver and bronze player cards if you do not have an Ultimate edition. However, don’t worry, your team will progress quickly, the current maps will only be used for a few games to familiarize you with FUT mode.

Build only one team at the start , set aside good cards if you have a specific objective or style in mind, but above all avoid investing a lot in several useless cards.