FIFA is one of the most recognizable names in world football. In the US, the game is marketed as soccer, though it is known as football throughout the rest of the world. All of the licenses for FIFA football are held by EA Sports, which pays a lucrative amount to FIFA for using the names and likenesses of all the players registered under the footballing body’s name. These licenses play a very important role in the company’s annual footballing game, FIFA. Each year, EA Sports releases a version of FIFA that features the latest team lineups, improved graphics and a host of realistic footballing updates.

FIFA 16 is the latest release from EA Sports. The game features a range of new changes and also introduces a host of new features. Over the years, many players have criticized FIFA for disregarding other attributes over pace. If you had a pacey winger in your side, all you had to do was lob a through ball over the opposition’s defense and have your player latch on to it. It almost always resulted in a 1v1 opportunity against the keeper. The latest iteration of FIFA changes that completely. If you want to score a goal, you will have to be patient and work your way through the field.


Over the top through balls don’t work as easily as they used to before. If you want to score a goal in FIFA 16, you will have to take your time, be patient and carefully work the opposition in order to get the ball in the penalty box. Straightforward crosses don’t work either, especially if you don’t plan your set pieces carefully.

The biggest change has been in FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team. The Ultimate Team has seen some major improvements, especially with the introduction of the Draft Mode. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team & game coins are essential if you want to stand a chance against the heavy hitters online. Here are a few tips and tricks that you should know about FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team.

Draft Mode

The biggest change to FIFA 16 is the Draft Mode. If you have 15,000 game coins, you can use these to enter Draft Mode, which will pick out the team for you much like the drafting system used in other sports. The reason why you should take advantage of Draft Mode is that you often have a chance of landing some very good players. Many people think of it as an investment: you can use the Draft Mode and trade in your players for better ones, which you can ultimately sell in the transfer market.

Play It Slowly

Ultimate Mode is all about taking it slowly. There’s no point in wasting hundreds of dollars in order to buy gold packs which have the highest chance of the best players. If you take it slowly, you should consider trading in your players, since that has a chance of getting gold players too.