Games are important because it makes your mind fresh and energetic. Excellent board game is a sensitive subject and different people have their conflicting views on top board games. Many online website listed that chess is the top game and this game is very interesting to play. Listed below are some of the popular games and they are listed based on their sales and votes. The games are Chess, Monopoly Game, Risk Board Game, Checkers Game, Clue Board Game, Scrabble Game, Settlers of Catan Board Game, Game of Life Board game and finally Sorry Board Game. If you want to know more information about board games, then search in either the Google search or some other online websites.

Among all the board games chess game leads the collection. This is the oldest game exceeding of both the Park Place and Boardwalk. In sixth century this board game was discovered in India. This game is severely a brain game and if you started playing this game continuously then you will be very talented in all the cases. Definitely chess is considered as the number one best board game in the world. Monopoly game is another type of board game and this game gains more popularity because it is a family based game. Even kids can also play this game because the move in this game is very easy and does not have any obstacles.

Next game is risk board game and at the end of playing this game you will have a real fun. People those who feel bored to their day to day life can have fun by playing this game. Net game is checkers game and this game is very elder than chess. This particular game is played by many generations and it is very interesting to play. By playing this game your mind will automatically adapt to this game. Clue board game is made especially for children and they will enjoy a lot by playing this game. More than two players can also play this game at a time. In this modern world scrabble game is considered to be the educative game in the world.

Children, adults and even old people can play this game and have fun. Settlers of Catan Board Game are introduced in the year 1995 and it is an animation game loved by children. Game of Life Board game is best for school children. It is one type of fun game and children loved played it. Trivial Pursuit Board Game is popular only among men. Sorry Board Game is a type of revenge game and this particular needs at least four players at a time. Hence games are very much important for our day to day life.