If you are new to golfing or thinking about playing this game, then you might be a little intimidated. However, anybody could learn to play this game regardless of their natural abilities or age. By following several simple techniques, you can master the game and end up as an expert golfer.

How to Get Started?

To begin with, you can join a beginner’s course, where you will learn the fundamentals of this game from a professional. Here you will learn everything from posture and grip to how to use various types of club and perfect the swing. These kinds of courses are available in many parts of the country. The necessary equipment is also provided. All you need to do is just turn up in comfy clothing and soft, flat-bottom shoes like trainers.

Once you learn the basics, it is time to start out on the golf course and play a few holes. Members will always be willing to assist new golfers.

Join a Club

You can become a member of any golf club, which will help you play with new people at a level, which suits you. Very soon, you will attain your first handicap. Men normally start with a 28 handicap and women 36. This will decrease, when you gradually improve your skills.

Short game golf lessons Fort Lauderdal

It is vital to develop the skills you learn in the beginner course, which will help you advance in your game. You can join one-to-one session with a professional or a group-coaching course. Several golfers including the experts in the field are of the opinion that they continually improve in the game through further lessons.

Play Golfing Regularly

The golf clubs have sections of ladies, seniors, juniors and men, who arrange and run teams, competitions and social golf. Once in a week, competitions, events and ready-made events are held. Here, you can meet people and make new friends. You will soon become part of a group of golfers, who play the game regularly.

Five Basic Actions essential to Attain Maximum Results

  • Hand and Wrist Actions
  • Arm Action
  • Hip and Shoulder Action
  • Leg and Knee Action
  • Foot Action

Common mistakes made by beginners

  • Not Aiming Properly – This is in fact quite difficult to do it intuitively than you would think. Your shoulders, thighs and feet should be lined at the target. It is better to spend some time checking your aim.
  • Lifting the head too early – This is the biggest issue faced by the beginners. If you are not going to watch the ball, then you will not hit it.

 Swinging Too Hard/Fast – Slow down your swing. Ego is one of the biggest enemies of golf. So, make sure to bring the club back gradually, pause slightly and have a smooth, nice release. This ensures that the ball is hit with more consistency and accuracy, than you would, if you try hammering it.

Short game golf lessons Fort Lauderdale can certainly help you hone the art, a lot. When someone shows you personally the basics, it certainly makes a difference. Initial lessons are worth the money, as you can get some good habits ingrained in you. You don’t have to spend a lot later trying to fix any bad habits.

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Tony Callison is a passionate golfer, and he enjoys writing on sports related topics in his free time. For Short game golf lessons Fort Lauderdale, feel free to visit their website, and book an appointment today.