Online games were interesting to play and many love to play games in their leisure hours. Chess is the game for brilliants and from that can involve in various competitions and can compete too many international players. Lot of tournaments was available especially for chess and we are going to discuss about this game in the following.

The board used for Chess game contains sixty four squares with alternate dark and bright colors. Dark color is usually black and bright is white color. Coins involved in this game are 32. Each player having eight coins each and it involves eight pawns, two bishops, rooks and knight, a king and Queen.  Chess is the national game for Russian people and it was introduce by north Indians. In Guptha period chess started to play in sixth century. At that time coins were of infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariots. Shah, the Persian word is used before the arrival of English name Chess. The meaning of Shah is king. Chess was played naming ‘chathuranga’ in Guptha period. It is spread by Muslim people who invaded Persia, Russia, and Europe and so on. At the year of 1000 it spread almost all over the world.

Chess changed a lot between the years 1470 and 1495. The changes involve the introduction of pieces like bishops, Queen and hence become interesting. World Chess Federation maintains the rules of chess game and they are the authority for conducting international chess tournaments. Eight rows were called ranks and columns were named files. Ranks were denoted by numbers one to eight and files were denoted by alphabets A to H.

Rules involved in game of chess involves saving king is almighty thing in this game and once the king acquired by opponent and other coins can’t save king then it will be checkmate. King moves one square in any direction. Rook can move any distance either through files or ranks. Castling is the move between Rook and King that involves king to move two steps towards left or right and Rook steps opposite direction of King.  Pawns moving one step forward but at initial step it can move two steps. Pawns capture opponents diagonally a step. Knight is the only coin which can move ‘L’ shaped regardless of coins blocking it. Bishops moving diagonally and Queen can move in any direction which is super power in chess game.

Board design in online competition varies from themes which involves the designs of coins more grand way. Competitors were signed in to particular blog to take part competitions. White coin holder generally starts the game and hence having lot of chances to win. Facebook is having highest level of users who conducts online chess tournaments from which one can compete with various players all over the world.