Castle of heroes is a massive multiplayer online game based on browser which is developed by Snail games and published in USA by US Publishing Division. GPotato Group published this game in Europe from Snail games. GPotato is the online game portal of Gala Network, Europe. In this game, the players have to choose their role within Human, Elf, Orc and Undead. Each role is having their own benefits for starting player. After choosing the roles, the tutorial about the player is the first thing from which the player can familiarize the player’s capability. Tutorial consists of several tasks with guide and from which the player can play further levels more confidently. Once the tutorial is complete, player starts with small tasks and makes their hero to command them.

Player starts the game by means of developing their area given by developing agriculture, building castles and so on. Initially, a town hall is given to the player and the player has to develop by means of producing castles, buildings, archery, human and so on. Players have to construct more buildings in their castle so that one can recruit more heroes, troops, learn skills. Increase troops to mine gold, lumber, Ore, Sulphur and crystal. We can increase our wealth by means of our castle itself and also can loot the wealth of our opponent by means of war. Action Points were required for heroes so that it regenerates 10% of players maximum APs per hour. From AP one can build more buildings and recruits as much troops we need for the development. Upgrading buildings and combats increase in fame and by means of fame players can gain top ranks which allots the winner. In this game, Combat is the central for the game play. To capture castle and mines, attack and defend them from other players, players need to fight NPC monsters. Hero assigns units to attack monsters, players or object on the world map. Power of the hero is determined by how well he commands his troops. Heroes were also well equipped with items to increase stats to use in combat to defend the enemy. A player can join or leave battle at any time. Once combat begins, players have 20 second duration to command their troops. After this, player will give 3 minute duration to defeat the enemy. Attack, Focus, Retreat and Standby were the possible commands given to the troops by Hero.

Hero will receive experience depends on the role he tries to fight with defenders. If defeated, hero reappeared in castle and so that 60 to 80 percent can revive for gold. Goals vary from player to player by means of increasing fame by building castles, forming army to loot enemy forces and beat Babel tower and so on. Guilds were achievement which is achieved by means of increasing fame, army power and defenders. Guild wars were pride in this game. Babel Tower is the most precious tower in this game and for defeating this; player needs to battle all 40 levels of building. Powerful equipment can be earned by hero after completing every 10 levels. Once player is beaten, it gives choice of either to continue or to leave the tower; a player can chose any of this. Enjoy the most famous game in online with amazing quality of graphic in online.