Games were one of the entertainments that everyone expects and it provides a way of forgetting all our sad part of life. Games give relaxation to people especially mental pressures. Now a day’s people don’t have time for playing games spending with friends due to their busy schedule in their work. To entertain busy people who don’t have time to play outside can relax by means of playing online. One of the most enjoyable and lovable game by people in online is Candy Crush Saga. We are going to discuss in detail about this game in the following.

Candy Crush Saga is released by the developer King in the 12th April 2012 especially for facebook and by means of its popularity app is arrived for Smartphone in 14th November 2012. It grows gradually and hence it surpassed to Farmville 2, a most popular game in facebook having 46 million average monthly users. Business insider illustrated that it is the most downloaded iOS app in 2013. The game is updated periodically by means of introducing new levels which is done first in facebook then android and thereby iPhone. There were 740 regular levels and 470 dream world levels available in this game as per November 2014.

This game is similar to match-three games such as Bejeweled. In this game, candies filled with different colors which contain obstacles. The colors in this game includes red jelly bean, orange, yellow, green, purple and blue candies. Player can swap candies either horizontally or vertically to create a set of three or more colors. Each level contains their own objectives which are to be complete within certain moves, or within some time limit. Levels also require clearing jelly, reaching above mentioned score, bringing down the ingredients and clear several combinations of candy. Difficulties of Levels were increasing gradually by means of formation of chocolates which spreads across the board and left unclear. Bombs which will blow within given seconds before that player have to clear that by matching suitable pairs.

Special candies were formed by matching 4 or 5 combinations together which includes stripped candy, which clears entire row or column, wrapped candy which acts like bomb that can clear 8 surrounding candies, color bomb which removes same color candy overall at that time. Swapping special candies results various effects, For instance, matching color bomb and stripped candy results in turning all color candies as stripped candies from which one can easily surpass the levels. Some other special candies were also available such as jelly fish which can clear three pieces from the board randomly. Chocolates multiply itself if we failed to clear and also a lock which available can clear only by means of bomb. Cake bombs clear entire board once cleared. Some other candies were also available such as mystery candy, extra time candies and so on. Five lives were available for the completion of game and the lives increased by means of sending request to friends and also by time. One can purchase boosters from facebook credits. Once episode is over, with friend’s help we can surpass to next episode. Enjoy the game which is loved by many.