This online game is much interesting and involves the player to fight for saving the city. Here the player has to impersonate as a vampire. During initial stage of the game, the newly formed vampire who doesn’t have any power or support. Internet connection and up to date browser is the major things needed for the PC for efficient gaming. The game begins with loss of people during the world war. A nano virus spreaded by human makes human a man eating animal and the player need to defeat them for the survival of human race. Heroes will earn supernatural powers in later stages to defend the animal. Sudden decrease of the population of human and the saver is the main theme behind the success of the game.

Selecting the player is the initial stage of the game after login. Characters were also named by the player and after this will be the training session. Training session involves the tutorial of the game explain the controls and the way to attain power. Player can develop the ability to surpass the enemy by means of learning in training session. The way to attack and complete tasks were possible things that can learn in training. The player should follow instructions given to surpass the enemies well. Wisdom and Perception of strength or Agility should be followed at the start of the game by means of knowing the strength of the weapon. There will be huge loss of life if we miss the chance of hitting targets accurately.

The skills developed by player involve intelligence, wisdom, appearance or toughness from which player can build city and save them. Lacking in any one of them leads to loss in game. Player needs to build as much building she can so that the chance of win increases when constructing building. Zone 1 is the place one has to build strongest building. Armory is the thing player should build so that he can recruit team for saving the city. Weapons production involves designing stronger weapons to defend our enemies. It helps financial development too.  Increasing population by developing resources and slaughter house is the task one should perform. Slaughter house is the blood bank that is required for player to win. Encouraging BROTHEL gives steady increase of population as well as income too. Boosting reputations is the major task that should handle by players and increases the force of attack to damage our opponents were the things that increases the chances of win. Police stations were maintained in order to boost our self is the major thing that increases the passion of the game. Depend on this Armory can repurchase the products required. Login and play the game which gives more energy in the world of gaming.