Blood wars are the most massive multiplayer online game. In this game the player need to impersonate as vampire and fight for the city. In this we need to fight with other vampires in order to gain resources and fight for the city. The game starts with player who is newly changed vampire without having any support. The main requirement for playing this game is a PC, Internet connection and up to date browser. In this game the history begins with beginning of world war which reduces the earth’s population. A nano virus created by a human started making human a man eating animal that results in sudden decrease in population of human. Vampires arrived to kill human by drinking the blood of human and change them as vampires. At the end the player is the hero who is going to save the city by means of his super natural power and talents.

After login to the system we need to choose the player by means of gender. We can name the character of our own. After this the game begins with training session and from which player can develop the ability to surpass the enemies. In training there will be tutorial about how to attack and complete tasks. At the beginning stage the player will be of weak stage and one needs to follow instructions to boost him up. Player has to focus on either wisdom and Perception or Strength and Agility at the start of the game since by means of weapon type we are using there will be more damage and chances to hit the target.

The player needs to develop intelligence, wisdom, appearance or toughness so that it is useful to build the square of the city. Lacking in above tends to the loss of the game. Buildings were yet another feature we need to develop to increase the chances of win here. Strongest buildings were developed at zone1. Armory should be built first which gives ability to store more weapons and more items that help financially.

Next is to think about generating resources. Slaughter house which is for increasing hit counts which increases player’s blood income. Employment agency which increases the population count and BROTHEL it gives steady income. One needs to work towards boosting reputation during attacks. This can be achieved by building Vagrant shelter. Next thing is to increase damage during our attacks. This can be gained by setting body guard agency. Move on to police station to make weapon and can boost perception within this. Shop is empty at the start of game and it gradually increases items level by level. Depends on Armory one can repurchase the products required. Enjoy playing the game by means of efficient save of city which is much more liked by many people especially youngsters.