A free web based rugby union management game developed by New Zealanders Jeremy Bell and Mathew Scolbe of Blackout Entertainment Ltd is Blackout Rugby. It is launched in December 2006 and it achieves 9000 users worldwide mark after 2011 Rugby world cup. The game was developed as a paper work in the beginning and started development after long discussions. Its beta arrived first on 2006 and in 2007 a revised version is introduced. Matt proposed the idea to Jeremy but due to his personal work Jeremy refused. Two years later Jeremy looks for new business offers and tried to make possible this game. On 14th December 2007, Black out Rugby launched and attains more attention among New Zealanders.

The new user in this game will give a new club. In chosen country they provide first team of 30 members, a youth squad of 22 players and a ground with capacity of 5000. They also provide bank balance for training facilities, hire staffs, invest in youth academy, and spend on transfer market and so on. This game currently includes thirty four nations which includes Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Namibia, Netherland, New Zealand, Pacific Island, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, US, Uruguay, Wales and Zimbabwe. Some countries having clubs of 2700, 700 and 800 clubs respectively. Leagues started by means of each team facing them twice once in home ground of both. Users can also plays friendly matches too. Training system provided involves group training, individual training, and match training to advance their squad.

The game is free to play with its free basic membership. The basic membership includes free trial of premium membership which can enjoy ad free game play, two dimensional match view, internal shortcuts for speed browsing, detailed training, player, and statistics of match, club and player nick names, player notes, jersey numbers, club logos, replay ability of last fixture, write press releases, auto bid feature, rank history which includes international, national history. Transfer market, pregame analysis which includes comparing team ratings, last fixtures of teams and the results, latest scores and current win or loss chances.

Rugby is most interesting games which involves much winning spirit and is most famous among US. This game involves a spherical ball which is sent to the target regardless of the opponent player. They tried to get ball from the team to make the target to gain points. The ground designed for play is of amazing surroundings and hence it gives user live experience of play which includes live commentary that is the trademark of blackout. Enjoy the Rugby game by online websites which gives user friendly and graphic rich play experience.