The GTA franchise has definitely made it big, being one of the most played PC games.The first GTA game was launched in 1998, and has been one of the best action-adventure games ever since. As of now, every GTA player would know that GTA 5 is the latest version.If you have been playing every GTA version religiously, there are some facts you should know. Here’s a list of some fun facts about GTA and the franchise.

Thank a glitch for the existence of GTA

The creators of GTA were actually working on another game called Race ‘N Chase, a game where you’re either a robber or cop. When the game was being tested, there was a little glitch where instead of busting the robber, the cop cars would run the robber off the road. Since the testers loved the idea so much, they redid the game with changes, and this is how GTA was born.

GTA 5 is double the size of Manhattan

We know GTA cities have always been gigantic and interesting. Once you enter the game, it’s like being in a real city.To take it to the next level, the GTA 5 creators decided to make it bigger than usual. The map size of GTA 5 is said to be double the size of real-life Manhattan. Since GTA IV had a smaller map size, people who had been anticipating to run around in a bigger city were quite impressed by the new map size.

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GTA 5 costs more than you can guess

One of the most impressive game designs, best user experience, and so many updated weapons, concepts, characters, cars, bikes, and locations definitely comesat a great cost. If you know popular movies, like Watchman and Prometheus, making GTA 5 was as costly of an affair as these movies. It costed the developers of GTA 5 $137 million to make the game.

A player completed GTA III in 1 hour 12 minutes

If you have ever played any part of the GTA series, you would know this game has many operations and missions, and it takes days to complete the game. A player uploaded a speed run of GTA III on YouTube, which shows that it took him one hour, twelve minutes, and ten seconds to complete the entire game. This person set the world record for completing the game in the shortest span ever.

GTA Franchise has sold 125 million copies

Well, for anyone who knows how big the GTA franchise is, it wouldn’t be shocking to see it sell so many copies. GTA games have been around for 15 years and as the game gradually gained popularity, the sales naturally increased, more so after GTA 5 download. What might shock you is this that GTA franchise is ahead of other franchises, like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Final Fantasy. There are some games that top GTA; however, the reason is that games like Mario are more user-friendly. To know more, you definitely should play the latest version of the game.